Features that Make Production Easy

Custom Studio
Boomcaster provides a fully customizable studio interface that makes it easy to manage remote guests and ensure everyone has equal sound quality.

Double-Ender Recording
Boomcaster records locally on both ends, so you never have to worry about compromised audio quality due to poor internet connection.

No Downloads or Installation
Getting clients and their guests set up is a breeze. No need to download or install any additional software - all they need is a microphone and a web browser.

Full Control Over Every Session

Stay in control of every session with our powerful Producer Mode, built to give you all the tools you need to create and manage sessions effectively. 

Schedule sessions for clients, monitor audio levels, and even mute guests if necessary. You can also upload intro/outro music, sound effects, and other audio files to use during your show.

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Work in the Background Without Interruption

Stay in control of every session with minimal interruption.

Producer mode allows users to join, work and control the session without being seen or heard. This is perfect for when you need to make changes or troubleshoot any issues without interrupting the flow of the show.

And if you need to share something with the session, you can turn on your mic or video to communicate, and then easily switch back to working in the background.

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The Right Media Inserts at the Right Time

Add graphics, audio, and video for a seamless multimedia experience.

Boomcaster allows you to easily insert media files, such as pre-recorded advertisements or sponsor messages, at the right time during your show. This ensures a seamless listening experience for your audience and helps maximize the impact of your sponsors' messages.

Add logos, sound clips, video files, and more to enhance your show and make it stand out from the rest.

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More Features that Make
Your Life Easy


Record locally on each participants device, and get clean audio & video for post production delivered in the cloud


Keep costs low and only pay for what you need with our flexible pricing structure that expands with your business.


Eliminate tedious transcribing in post with automatic (and accurate!) transcriptions of every show.


Help your shows with accessibility with our built-in captions that translate in real-time.

Use Any Mic
or Camera

Use your favorite devices and equipment to record - from smart phones to full-frame DSLRs.

Boomcaster is Built for Creators

What Our Users Say

“I’ve tried just about every podcast recording plat form there is, and I always recommend Boomcaster to my clients. It’s fast, easy, and sounds and looks great.”

“I’ve tried just about every podcast recording plat form there is, and I always recommend Boomcaster to my clients. It’s fast, easy, and sounds and looks great.”

LiveFrame with Boomcaster

Save yourself time and effort in post with our LiveFrame feature. This allows you to make important decisions for the presentation on the fly.

Want to highlight a speaker during a powerful story? With just a click, you can frame a guest's video so that it takes up the entire screen.

Need to switch between multiple guests smoothly? LiveFrame makes it easy to switch back and forth seamlessly, so your audience stays engaged.

We'll give you a seamless final product that has all of your content and media integrated, so all you need to do is download and publish.

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Boomcaster makes it easy for producers to create high-quality content without the hassle of managing different software or worrying about poor audio quality.

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