Studio Quality Recording

Crystal Clear Audio & Video

We record your audio in 48 kHz 16-bit depth and video up to 4k for the highest quality output.

Double-Ender Recording

Eliminate packet loss and distorted audio from slow network speeds with automatic local & cloud recording.

Noise Reduction

Turn automatic noise reduction on or off to make the audio clear and crisp. No more unwanted noise!

LiveEdit Your Show

Add graphics, spotlight speakers, and make production choices on the fly.

Export Your Finished Product

Boomcaster creates a single file with your audio, video and production choices in one file.

Edit with Individual Tracks

We also give you access to each participants recording and all of your media to help in post-production.

A Unique Guest and Viewer Experience

Customizable Studio

Change colors, text overlays, and more to give your studio a unique look.

Add Custom Backgrounds

Choose from our pre-designed or create your own to make your studio truly unique and stand out from the rest.

Overlay Logos and Sponsorships

Easily display your podcast or company logo or add a sponsor to fulfill agreements.

Play Any Media You Want

Show graphics and video clips, and play sound files to elevate the experience.

Cue Intro and Outro Music

Upload your intro music, interstitial sounds, or mid-roll ads, and cue them up at the right time for a seamless podcast experience.

Control Everything with Producer Mode

Stay Behind the Scenes

Producers can control the entire production off-screen without interrupting the conversation.

Join the Session to Give Instructions

Or turn on your mic and camera to set the tone at the beginning of a session or to contribute at any time.

Ready to Give Boomcaster a Spin?

Boomcaster makes it easy for producers to create high-quality content without the hassle of managing different software or worrying about poor audio quality.

Sign up now and try Boomcaster for yourself - we guarantee you'll see the difference in your podcast production process. With our user-friendly interface, powerful features, and top-notch customer support, we're here to help you take your podcast