Features Designed for Podcasters

Studio-Quality Audio & Video

It’s time to ditch that janky conference app. Get pristine audio in 16-bit 44 kHz and up to 4k video.

Interview Guests

Quickly schedule a session with guests and interviewees, no matter where they are in the world.

Cloud-Based Platform

Unlike other platforms, you don't have to download anything. We handle it all in the cloud.

Double-Ender Recording

Never rely on network speeds again. Boomcaster records all participants locally and back it up online. 

Custom Studio

Make Boomcaster your own, with robust customization and settings. Create a unique experience.

Live Multi Stream

Maximize your reach with simultaneous streaming to Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Automatic Transcriptions

We build automatic transcriptions you can use to amplify your SEO and give your fans options.

Simple Enough to Run on Your Own

Independent podcasters rejoice: Boomcaster is designed for anyone

Our intuitive platform is designed to be user-friendly, so you don't need any prior experience with audio engineering or live broadcasting. With a simple and easy-to-use design and interface, you can effortlessly produce high-quality content in no time.

Boomcaster streamlines the production process, allowing you to focus on creating without getting bogged down in the digital weeds.

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How Boomcaster Works

One, Two, Three, Boom.


Create Your Studio

It's easy to set up your Boomcaster studio.

Change colors, add logos, and build an unforgettable look that draws viewers in and reinforces your brand.


Schedule Your Session

Invite people from all over the world to join a session.

Just enter their email address, and we'll send your guests an invite with all the necessary information they need to join.


Record and Export

Once your session starts, Boomcaster does the rest.

Recording everyone's audio and video in crystal clear quality. When you're done, automatically export your raw files or post-produce them first inside our platform.

Robust Enough for Collaboration

Work with a producer or colleague with our Producer Mode

Boomcaster is the only platform that has a dedicated Producer Mode. We make it easy for your behind-the-scenes crew to work their magic while you focus on hosting powerful interviews and telling captivating stories.

We worked with experts to develop the features needed to control real-time production.

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Streamline Studio Time Without Sacrificing Quality

When most people hear "streamlined," they think “cut corners.”

And with cut corners comes a sacrifice in quality. That's not the case with Boomcaster. We help you get setup and recording quickly while maintaining the highest professional standards. Built for podcasters, by podcasters, we understand how important it is to hit high-quality production values without sacrificing time or money.

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